Python Programming For Science


An open e-learning module from Accelerate and Cambridge Spark offers training in Python programming for research challenges.


What does the course cover?

You’ll learn the fundamentals of Python, some of the kinds of data it can handle, and how to store that data. You’ll also learn about a powerful data analysis library called Pandas, and you’ll use this to analyse data, and create excellent visualisations. You’ll be working on a real dataset of Nigerian healthcare facilities, and using code to decide on how changes to policy might impact this data.

What will I be able to do as a result of this module?

Very rapidly, you will start to write code and work with real world data. You will iteratively build up your skills and techniques with the necessary pieces to do something really quite impressive quite quickly.

Who is this e-learning programme for?

The module is designed for researchers across disciplines who want to begin building their data skills to help answer their research questions. This is a great entry point to start working with data to provide the foundations needed to work on more advanced data science and AI techniques.

How much time does it require?

1-3 days of self-paced learning in total. There is also a community support forum so you can learn and interact with other researchers.

Are there any technical prerequisites?

This course assumes no background in coding or maths. Each concept is explained, step-by-step, with interactive exercises for you to practice with. If you have curiosity, you are welcome on this course! If you are interested in taking further steps in data science, there is plenty more to explore with the Accelerate Programme.

Are there any computer/machine minimum requirements?

You simply require a computer with access to the internet – you can access and work through the materials in your browser.

How do I access the module?

Simple! All you need to do is register via this form and you will receive an email providing you with access within 7 days:

What is the Accelerate Programme for Scientific Discovery?

The Accelerate Programme is a major interdisciplinary research and training initiative hosted by the Department for Computer Science and Technology at the University of Cambridge. Supported by a donation from Schmidt Futures, the Accelerate Programme is building a community of researchers working to advance the frontiers of science using data science and AI. We support research at the interface of AI and the sciences, provide specialised training for researchers wishing to use AI or develop AI tools for scientific discovery, and we convene across disciplines to help share best practice and insights.

Who are Cambridge Spark? And what is

Cambridge Spark is an education technology company that enables organisations to achieve their business goals by educating their workforce in data science & artificial intelligence and is collaborating with the Accelerate Programme to build data capabilities amongst researchers across disciplines. is the learning platform where you will work through the e-learning materials and receive real-time feedback on your code to help you rapidly learn and improve.

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  • Date published: 26 May 2022